Furnace Installation & Service

Furnaces (For forced air systems)

Trane Furnaces allow you to have a dependable heating system with industry leading reliability. As they say, “it’s hard to stop a Trane”. According to an Ingersoll Rand study, Trane is the most reliable and longest lasting furnace on the market today.

This means less repair expenses over the life of the system, and more powerful, efficient and reliable heating in your home. Our factory trained technicians can install systems and ductwork to eliminate cold spots and even out temperatures in your home for an improved experience.

We offer heating packages that allow you to control your system through your smart phone for added convenience and cost efficient automation. We can even keep your home from becoming dry or uncomfortable with our specialty built-in humidifiers and accessories like air cleaners and more. Let us know your home’s needs, we will do the digging to find what fits best.

We can review your desired results together during a free consultation. We will then measure each and every room in your home and  evaluate your windows and other insulating factors to find a the appropriate boiler system, without any waste. Our thorough planning and attention to detail allows for accuracy and savings in time and costs.

Schedule your appointment for free consultation now by filling out the form below. Find out how we, at McNamara Services, ensure that you and your family are comfortable – especially during the cold winter months.

Furnace Service

Season Furnace Service Includes the Following:

-Cleaning of burners and burner tray

-Check all motors for proper operation and oil motors, if needed

-Check thermostat operation

-Check for proper pilot flame

-Check flue damper

-Check for proper gas pressure for proper burner operation

-Check humidifier, replace filter (if provided)
–If cleaning is needed add $35.00

-Replace or clean filter — Please call with filter size if needed **filters are sold by the case only**

-Check for carbon monoxide leaks

-$60 in-season service calls (normally $99.00)

-15% Off all in-season repairs

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