Fireplace & Stove Maintenance

Fireplace Maintenance

Fireplace maintenance is vital for the performance and safety of your system. Servicing your gas, wood or pellet system is not only required by manufacturer’s specifications, but is important to ensure proper operation year after year. A properly maintained system reduces the risk of failure, odor, or in the worst cases a possible fire.

Annual service ensures the brightest, clearest, cleanest and most secure operation of your fireplace or stove when you need it most. It also ensures optimal performance and improved efficiency. This, of course, results in long term savings for you. It also reduces wear and tear on the fireplace or stove system which helps limit repairs needed over the lifespan of your fireplace or stove.

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Fireplace Maintenance Includes:

  • Clean glass
  • Clean logs and confirm positioning
  • Replace ember material as needed
  • Clean burner and burn area
  • Adjust burner settings as needed
  • Adjust and clean pilot
  • Check pilot flame for proper characteristics
  • Adjust and clean Igniter
  • Adjust thermocouple and thermopile alignment
  • Check for proper gas pressures
  • Check electrical connections where accessible
  • Verify accessory operations such as remote etc.
  • Replace batteries where applicable (customer supplied, or separate fee for additional batteries)
  • Test for gas leaks
  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks

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