Ductless Heating

Ductless systems are the perfect heating solution for new home additions or refinished basements that need their own heating independent from the rest of the home. Ductless heating appliances are more effective than space heaters, less intrusive than other options, and more cost effective than most appliances in the market.

We are able to provide ductless heating for single rooms or multiple rooms in a home. We also offer affordable wall mounted and customizable recessed options. Our systems can also be integrated with smart phones and other wireless control option to improve convenience. We believe we can combine comfort and cost effectiveness to give you everything you need in an attractive home heating package.

We have two-in-one ductless heating and cooling options that provide year long comfort and convenience, along with built-in air filtration options and custom filters that last up to ten years. You’ll breathe easy knowing McNamara Services, and our factory trained team of experts, are taking care of you and your family’s comfort during those dreaded hot days.

In our heating installation process we will measure the areas in your home you need cooled or heated, as well as evaluate your windows and other insulating factors. This will help generate a solution to build the appropriate ductless system for you, without any waste. We help you save by planning better than anyone in the industry.

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