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Mitsubishi Ductless Systems allow you to heat or cool anywhere in your home.

Rockland, Westchester, Bergen and Orange counties

image of a home heated and cooled with mitsubishi ductless installed by mcnamara. Each room has it's own individual temperature, with such zone specific temperature control, energy savings are enhanced.

With our minimally intrusive installation system you can fix hot and cold spots anywhere in your home. Ductless is especially popular in additions with cathedral ceilings where traditional ducts cannot be used. This gives you the freedom to heat or cool exactly where and when you want to your way, all the time.

Benefits of Our Ductless Systems
-Flexible installation options
-Save on energy bills
-Improve your indoor air quality
-Lower costs during installation
-Reduces your home’s carbon footprint

You can add a ductless heating & air conditioning system to an addition on your home without excessive labor or material costs. Our systems provide instant, hassle-free cooling in places like guest rooms, sun rooms, additions and anywhere else you need a simple solution to better heat or cool your home.

A photo of a grandmother enjoying her own specific heat/cooling temperature independent from the rest of the home.  Ideal zoning improves energy savings.Mitsubishi is the industry leader in ductless systems, hand selected by owner Bob McNamara himself. They also provide single function units such as air conditioning only if heat is not needed for further savings.

Our technicians are factory trained and certified, which means a flawless, headache-free ductless installation process for you. We will measure the areas in your home you need cooled, as well as evaluate windows and other insulating factors. This will help generate a solution to build the appropriate ductless system for you, without any waste. We help you save by planning better than anyone in the industry. Sit back and relax, we’ll make sure you’re cool and calm all summer long.

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