Can Home Air Cleaners Stop Corona Virus?

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 // Blog

Can Home Air Cleaners Stop Corona Virus?

Basic status update, a few tips as well as one big myth to dispel

Currently there is a very large amount of information circulating about the Corona Virus. Instead of rehashing what you probably already know, we wanted to address items not generally focused on and provide some updates for our customers.

Image of a sign saying "yes, we're open" for now we have not closed. We will keep you posted.

Status Update

Currently McNamara Heating & Air Conditioning, Fireplace & Stove is open and operating at full capacity. This may change and if it does we will post another update to keep you informed. If you are concerned please call before we arrive to address any concerns, preferably a minimum 48 hours prior to your appointment.

One Safety Tip Rarely Mentioned in Corona Virus Statements

While remaining home an often overlooked health protocol is air-exchanges per hour. There was a piece written by Benjamin Franklin long ago where he basically discusses this even in his time. This is not a new concept but for whatever reason it is often forgotten. He found that he got sick more often after making his home perfectly air-tight. After realizing this he allowed his home to leak a little bit of air in and his health improved.

a photo of a woman breathing fresh air. Fresh air has been found in countless studies to help with overall health. While staying home during corona virus lock down, be sure to keep track of fresh air in your home.

Fresh air helps

We made a big push as a society to create high levels of energy efficiency, which resulted in the air-tight homes Ben Franklin warned about. If you’re home with your family for extended periods of time, and you don’t have a fresh air system built into your central air, just remember to get some fresh air often throughout the day. The ASHRAE Standard for the average residential home is .35 ACPH (air changes per hour If you have allergies and unfiltered air is an issue, installing a fresh air system would make sense, feel free to message us below. Remember, though, that simply airing out your home each day makes a huge difference.

Photo of a path of air as it passes through an air filter. While whole home air filtration is an excellent way to improve health it is not a guarantee for stopping COVID-19 commonly referred to as Corona Virus.

Home Air Cleaners/Scrubbers are not guaranteed protection

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for air filtration and fresh air systems in the past week. What we can say with confidence is that installing these systems will make your home healthier. Air Filtration is a great way to eliminate a large variety of mold, bacteria, allergens and even viruses. We have units, especially Air Scrubbers, that are impressive. They’re capable of attacking Swine Flue (H1N1) Avian Bird Flu (H5N8) Hepatitis A, MS2 bacteriophage and more.

Currently, however, we don’t know of any completed tests done for any air filtration system proving it is effective against COVID-19. If you want air filtration to improve the overall health of your home, great, we can help. If you’re looking for COVID-19 guarantees, we cannot provide them and as far we know, no one can, at least for now. So keep that in mind and as always you can call us with any questions or concerns you have.

For information on what we know about limiting the spread of Covid-19 see this link:

We hope this helps keep you cool and calm, safe and cozy, and we’ll keep you updated on our situation as things develop.

Thank you for being the best customers around, stay safe and healthy.

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