Fresh Air System Installation & Service

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of most people’s minds these days, but is air quality? Is there a downside to an airtight home?

New air tight homes suffer from a buildup of carbon dioxide. This can create headache, lethargy, mental fogginess, confusion, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, poor sleep quality or worse. Meanwhile, older and draftier homes bring in uncontrolled, cold, and inefficient outside air contaminated with pollutants and allergens.

Many other heating and cooling companies still run on old theories that were based on all homes being drafty. With most homes being insulated to combat high energy bills, air tight homes are on a sharp rise and the old way simply does not work. That’s where McNamara Services and our mechanical fresh air systems come in.

Our systems ensure fresh air gets where it’s most needed, like bedrooms and children’s play rooms. They also reduce the risk of condensation inside the walls which is common when homes draw fresh air through the walls and cracks or draft points, which then reduces the risk of black mold, a common but severe allergen and contaminant. With our enhanced fresh air systems, we can ensure the majority of pollutants and allergens do not enter your home, while properly tempering the air and maintaining desired moisture levels.

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