How often should I have my systems serviced?

Once per year is the recommended service schedule and typically with most accessory items such as humidifiers and air cleaners we service them as part of your package.

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A family member gets frequent nosebleeds, but only at home, does this mean I need a whole home humidifier?

Without being able to check the system and the air in your home it’s difficult to say for certain. If there are major concerns it may be wise to consult a doctor as well. What we can say with confidence is that experience has shown having proper humidity in the home does often improve sinus comfort based on feedback from our customers and their family. If you think a humidity control system could help you, it’s worth investigating more.

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What is the difference between HRV and ERV?

While there are some interesting nuances to each type, the general differences are somewhat small. Essentially HRV is Heat Recovery Ventilation and ERV is Energy Recovery Ventilation. Typically ERV systems are used in warmer climates to remove moisture from incoming air to keep humidity down. While it’s not a dehumidifier, it will aid the whole home humidity control system by not constantly bombarding the system with new moisture. HRV systems capture about 70 percent of the energy expended to temper incoming air but do not actively impact moisture levels.

The choice of which best suits your needs would best be discussed with a technician in the field as their very design is dependant determining typical mean outside air conditions. Click here to set up an in-home consultation.

Do I really need a fresh air system?

In some homes it is not a need, but a preference. In other homes, there is a definite need. The answer to this question is a definite maybe. Factors that dictate whether you need a fresh air system include what your current air exchanges per hour are versus what they should be along with a bunch of other factors that get calculated out to determine the correct unit for you.

It never hurts to investigate your options and we are more than happy to discuss them with you without locking you into anything.

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Will a humidifier make my home too moist?

Not when you go with our systems. All of our systems are intelligent and only add humidity as needed. There are also control settings for different times of the year to prevent the home from ever feeling muggy.

Will a dehumidifier make my home too dry?

Here at McNamara Services we take a whole home approach to relieving all of your concerns with ease. Using an intelligent combination unit we can ensure that as the erratic weather hits us as it usually does, we can adapt and overcome any situation to ensure you’re always cool and calm, safe and cozy. When it’s muggy out, the system will draw out moisture and expel it from the home. When it’s dry and uncomfortable it will humidify as needed to give you the perfect balance all year long.

I think I want to get something, but I’m not sure, what should I do?

Here at McNamara Services we really pride ourselves in creating a family atmosphere for those we serve. If you want to talk to us just to get clarification and help in your research process, please contact us right now. We make ourselves available and genuinely want to make sure you get the results you’re searching for.

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