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Here at McNamara Services, we understand that your priority is your family. High on that list is ensuring they are comfortable and happy. When the hot weather comes, you want an air conditioning company that cares enough to focus on you and your desired results. McNamara Services never compromises quality for quantity. We put thought and foresight into working with you to determine your needs and what products and services best fit you.

Central Air Conditioning System

According to an Ingersoll Rand study, Trane is the most reliable and longest lasting system on the market today. Trane Air Conditioning systems provide dependable systems that have industry leading reliability.

This means less repair expenses over the life of the system, and more powerful, efficient and reliable cooling in your home. Our factory trained technicians can install systems and ductwork to eliminate hot spots, and even out temperatures in your home for an improved experience.

Through a free consultation we can review your desired results together. To generate a solution and build the appropriate cooling system for your home, our technicians will measure every room, as well as evaluate your windows and other insulating factors. We prevent waste and save you time and money by planning better than anyone in the industry.

Schedule a free in-home consultation by filling out the form below or calling 845-735-8844 to find out how we, at McNamara Services, save you time and aggravation by being the most accurate and detail oriented company in the area.

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