Top 5 Reasons to Service Your Fireplace This Spring

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 // Blog

Top 5 Reasons to Service Your Fireplace This Spring.

We all know the importance of wood fireplace service. We already know it should be done annually and should include video-scanning of the flue interior. Do we know when the best time of year is to get our fireplace service done?

Believe it or not, the best time for fireplace service is at the end of the season, not the beginning.

Most people get their fireplace serviced right before the season starts. Over the many years we have found that this is not what’s best for your fireplace, or for you. Once you know you’re finished with your fireplace for the season: have it serviced and inspected. Sometime in March, April, or May makes the most sense.

Why? Read on to see our top 5 reasons.

Top 5 Reasons to Do Your Fireplace Service This Spring.

A photo of a woman answering multiple phones at once. It can get that hectic here. Sometimes we're scheduled out three months in advance. Book your fireplace service in the spring to avoid the rush. Schedule for when is convenient for you.

5: Availability & Convenience:

As many of you know, we are often booked two months or more in advance for many of our services. We want to get to everyone. We operate at a high quality standard and need to give our customers the time needed to give them the excellent service they deserve.

Note: When you book your appointment in the Spring we still recommend that you call a month in advance to make sure you get a date and time convenient for you.

This is also a preferred time for booking your evaluation for install. Many fireplace installs are part of full renovations of rooms or entire homes. With all those overlapping contractors it can get a little hectic. When you start your projects earlier in the year you ensure that any adjustments to plans are smooth. With extra time you can ensure nothing stops you from having a beautiful fire for the holidays.

In fact, the same holds true for other services we offer as well. If you are able to, book your air conditioning install in the winter, your heating in the summer. That way everything is ready before you need it. When you address things proactively, it also reduces stress because you don’t need to rush.

Photo of a jar of coins with a small plant growing out of it. When you do your fireplace service in the spring, you reduce corrosion and damage. This saves you money over time due to reduced repair needs.

4: Save Money Thanks to Reduced Repair Costs:

Soot, when left unchecked, can obliterate your fireplace and result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Why? Soot is corrosive.

When soot from a wood fire mixes with moisture it becomes acidic. Those acids can slowly eat away at your fireplace. When soot is left to sit most of the year it can speed up corrosion to damper frames, steel fireboxes and even eat away at mortar and masonry. Any cracks, open mortar joints or rotted fireboxes result in a failure of the fireplace inspection. These issues can pose the potential for fire hazards. In some cases issues can even allow water to penetrate into your home. Help lengthen the time between necessary repairs. Reduce overall costs of home maintenance. Service your fireplace in the spring.

Note: Spring service won’t eliminate the possibility of deterioration, but it does help prolong the life of your fireplace.

Photo of a boy making a stinky face. Fireplace service in the Spring reduces odors when the fireplace is not in use.

3: Reduce Odor in Your Home:

Soot smells. A nice wood fire smell for the holidays can bring back delightful memories and create a quaint environment for celebration. For many fireplaces that odor can get pungent and downright overwhelming on a hot humid day. The odors can sink into your clothing and create odors you carry with you even when you leave your home. Clean out that odor causing soot as soon as you know you’re done using the fireplace.

Note: Certain fireplaces produce more odors than others due to natural draft issues. We can’t guarantee service will completely remove odors, but service does help to significantly reduce them.

Picture of a woman wearing a face mask to cope with fireplace odors and reduced air quality. Prolonged exposure to fireplace soot smells reduces air quality and health. Get your fireplace service done in the spring to reduce your total exposure time.

2: Improve air quality and health:

The basic rule is: if you can smell it that means you’re breathing it. That’s great for fresh baked cookies. With fireplaces it’s okay in small doses. If you smell it during the season that’s fine, all year long? Maybe not so good. Soot can be carcinogenic with prolonged exposure, and can be harmful to people suffering from asthma.

Servicing your fireplace in the spring will reduce your exposure greatly, and help you breathe easy in the off season.

Picture of a happy family that rests easy knowing their fireplace was serviced and repaired as needed. Have your fireplace service done in the Spring to ensure you know ahead of time about any repairs you may need. This will give you time to tackle them at your own convenience. Service also removes creosote from the flue, reducing the chance of a chimney fire.

1: Help Prevent Chimney Fires and Protect Your Family

Damage can occur to your flue at any moment, even when it’s not in use if temperatures change drastically enough. A fireplace service with camera scan shows us if there are any safety concerns in your flue. Things we find concerning include glazed creosote, cracks and open mortar joints in your flue.

Glazed creosote is a type of buildup that cannot be removed with a traditional brushing. Many chimney fires occur because the glazed creosote buildup ignites in the flue.

Cracks and open mortar joints in your flue allow heat, gasses and buildup to enter areas not intended designed to handle that kind of abuse. These defects have the potential to be a fire hazard.

Getting an Inspection in the Spring ensures you know the state of your fireplace flue well in advance of needing it.

If your camera scan uncovers any of the above defects it’s better to know sooner than later. You can prepare yourself, repair it on your terms and remain in control every step of the way. You can rest easy knowing with certainty that you’re ready for the season.

Service Your Fireplace in the Spring

With health, safety, comfort and convenience in mind, it really makes the most sense to service your fireplace in the Spring.

Those are our Top 5 reasons to service your fireplace in the spring. Can you think of any others? Message us your thoughts and we may update this article thanks to your input!

We hope this helps you better care for your home with proactive planning and stress saving techniques. Our goal is to help you feel cool and calm, safe and cozy in every way we can.

Thanks for reading,

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